How to Backtest an EA on MT4

How To Usually Backtest A Forex Expert Advisor To Make Sure It Works Properly?

A few traders have asked how to backtest an EA on MT4 platform. It occurred to me that newbie traders would benefit from a quick how-to on using MT4’s handy Strategy Tester feature, so I decided to write a quick guide to help y’all get started. Before we begin, please ensure that you have read the articles on this website on How to Use Forex EAs. This should also help you understand the fundamentals of installing an EA. Forex traders must constantly improve and adjust their trading strategies in order to profit from buying and selling, and it is a good idea to learn from past experiences. This is the fundamental concept of backtesting, which is a method of estimating the performance of a strategy or an Expert Advisor as if it had been implemented in the past. This necessitates the use of detailed historical data of high quality. The strategy can then be executed on the financial instrument of your choice. Traders can use Metatrader to backtest an Expert Advisor to see if it is one of the best forex expert advisors.    

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